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  • JH-7300 Mineral Oil Stripper
    1. JH-7300 Mineral Oil Stripper

JH-7300 Mineral Oil Stripper

I. product characteristics and uses:   This product can be widely used in writing paper, double

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I. product characteristics and uses:
  This product can be widely used in writing paper, double offset paper, toilet paper, light paper, aluminum platinum lining paper, corrugated base paper, cardboard paper, fruit bag paper, etc.  Has the following advantages:
  1. thoroughly solve the problem of cylinder sticking in papermaking, keep the system clean, and leave the paper free of oil spots.  Can achieve good stripping, lubricating and brightening effects.
  2. it can reduce the phenomenon of paper breakage, hair loss and powder loss.  The smoothness and glossiness of the paper are greatly improved, the strength of the paper is not affected, the paper forming quality is improved, and the drying cylinder wrinkling scraper has good lubrication protection effect, and the service life of the scraper is prolonged.
  3. less consumption, simple operation, better performance-price ratio than imported products, excellent product characteristics suitable for various high speed paper machine production processes.
Ii. main technical indicators:
  External view: light yellow to amber liquid
  Active ingredient: 99 %
  Viscosity: ( 25 ℃ ) less than or equal to 500 MPa. s
  Solubility: cold water is easy to dissolve
Iii, the main reason for cylinder sticking:
  1. residual ink and other impurities that are not completely deinked are heated on the drying cylinder to cause sticking and pasting of the cylinder.
  2. cationic starch added to increase paper strength.
  3. fine fibers and resin adhesive are not completely removed.
  4. improper use of dispersants, wet strength agents and dry strength agents also causes cylinder sticking.
  5. when grinding pulp, the specific pressure is too high, and the temperature rise is too high, the resin in the pulp will separate out, especially the domestic wood pulp. the resin content is relatively high, which will also cause sticking to the cylinder.
Iv. methods of use:
  1. dilute the product with 30 - 100 times of normal temperature water in proportion, spray it directly on the surface of the drying cylinder with high pressure pump after dilution, or apply it evenly on the surface of the drying cylinder with measuring roller.
  2. the dosage is generally: 0.2 - 1.0 kg / ton absolute dry pulp, which can also be increased or decreased according to the specific stripping situation.
V packaging and storage:
  50kg, 200 kg, 1000 kg plastic barrel packaging.  Store in a cool place to avoid freezing and insolation.  Storage period: 12 months.

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