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  • JHBK-602 Wool Cleaning Agent
    1. JHBK-602 Wool Cleaning Agent

JHBK-602 Wool Cleaning Agent

I. product profile   Special cleaning agent for paper-making blankets is an efficient cleaning agent

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I. product profile
  Special cleaning agent for paper-making blankets is an efficient cleaning agent developed and produced by our company for cleaning dirt and embossing on various paper-making blankets.  The product has many functions such as strong wetting, infiltration, emulsification, dispersion, suspension, anti-redeposition and anti-static etc. aiming at the wool cloth blockage which is not easy to clean in common washing products and the wool cloth and long circular net dirt with complicated components, the product can completely remove, restore the water filtering capacity, dredge the holes, improve the air permeability, improve the running speed of the paper machine, reduce the energy consumption, improve the quality and output of paper products, and also has the characteristics of time saving, labor saving, water saving, convenient operation, no damage to the wool cloth and non-corrosive equipment, etc.  This product can wash the whole blanket on the machine according to the specific operating rules, which can quickly and effectively remove dirt and prevent embossing.  It can also be cleaned locally. for example, when the cloth is embossed locally, it can be cleaned locally. where it is embossed and washed, it can save a lot of money and money. using this product can obviously prolong the service life of the cloth by 1 - 3 times, reducing the production cost of the paper mill, and the economic benefit is very significant.
Ii. main technical indicators
  External view: colorless or light yellow liquid
  Ph: 10 - 14
  Viscosity: ( 25 ℃ ) less than or equal to 30 MPa. s
  Solubility: cold water is easy to dissolve
Iii. methods of use
  1. dosage: 0.3 - 0.5 kg / kg woolen cloth ( absolutely dry ).
  2. washing device: a high-level tank with a valve at the bottom and a spray pipe. the effective spray width should be the same as that of the blanket. the distance between the aperture and the aperture is matched with the specified spray time. it can also be sprayed directly by watering can.
  3. washing operation:
  ( 1 ) stop the supply of pulp. after stopping the washing water for 5 minutes, the paper machine turns to crawl speed and relaxes the blanket.
  ② spray cleaning agent evenly on the whole blanket. to ensure uniform absorption of cleaning agent by the blanket, the spraying time should not be less than 3 - 5 turns ( about 10 - 15 minutes ) of the wool cloth.
  ( 3 ) after the cleaning agent is sprayed, the blanket will continue to run for 5 - 10 minutes at a crawling speed, and then wash with clean water until the wool cloth is not greasy.
Iv. matters needing attention
  1. the cleaning agent should be sprayed evenly, and the dosage should be appropriately increased for parts with serious dirt.
  2. if there is resin glue and heavy dirt on the surface of the blanket, steam can be introduced to heat it for better use.
V packaging and storage
  60 kg and 200 kg plastic barrels are packed and stored in a cool place.  Shelf life: 6 months.

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